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About Cheryl

I grew up in a suburb outside New York City in a supportive and loving family. I am a middle child and have an older sister and younger brother and love spending time with my family.

It is very important to me to have close relationships with my friends and family and for them to know they can always count on me. My friends and family describe me as dependable, kind hearted and always there for them.

I am a hard worker and very determined person. I went to Binghamton University in New York where I studied business and since graduating I have worked at a bank. Fortunately my job (and Jared’s) allow us to take time off at the time of adoption.

I am also a curious person who enjoys learning new things all the time, including walking around New York City and always seeing something new.

Things I like...

  • Having a cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning

  • Rewatching TV shows I already watched, such as Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy

  • Running outdoors and in races

  • Taking pictures of scenery, especially sunsets and mountains, and hope to improve my photography skills one day

  • Traveling and seeing different cultures, I have been to Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East

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