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I was born in New York City, where I lived during my early childhood. My family then moved to a suburb of the city, where I grew up with my younger sister. My family life growing up was very happy.

I have always been into sports. I enjoy watching college basketball and football games on TV and attending these games in person. I look forward to being a dad, and watching, attending games and events with your child.

I am a workout enthusiast and enjoy biking and running. I have completed 4 marathons and hope to complete more.

My friends and family describe me as loyal, compassionate, punctual, hard working and the biggest Syracuse University fan they know. Since graduating from Syracuse I have worked in Finance.​

Things I like...

  • Collecting sport cards and autographs for professional basketball, my favorite player is Michael Jordan

  • Watching a variety of sports, especially college basketball and rooting for Syracuse University, where I went to college

  • Finding new candy that I have never tried; I have a sweet tooth and enjoy gummy worms, swedish fish and sour patch kids

  • Waking up very early in the morning to fit in a workout before the day starts

  • Going on long walks with no set destination

  • Cooking dinner for Cheryl and me, my specialties are chicken and salmon

About Jared

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